2002 rm250 carb wire route (pic please)

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5/22/2018 7:02 PM

Im looking for a pic of the proper wire route for the carb sensors an wiring harness please .thanks for your time im new to the forum


5/23/2018 5:51 AM

Unrelated to your carb issue, but this is a very rare and cheap part for your bike (I am not the seller):



5/23/2018 9:09 AM

Thanks for letting me know


5/23/2018 9:32 AM

http://www.crservice.dk/Suzuki%20cross/RM250/RM250K7_01A.pdf I’m not sure if this will help you or not, it’s a rm250 owners manual hope it helps!


5/24/2018 7:09 AM

Ya i got a manual but its unclear at least i think .ill just make a decision an run with it i guess.