2002 cr125 noise coming from the clutch

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11/29/2018 1:44 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/29/2018 1:46 PM

Ok so here’s the story. I was at an arena cross race and I shattered a clutch fiber on the way back from the truck after practice. The fiber was in like 8 pieces and some pieces were on top of one another. I pulled out the old clutch pack and threw in a good used clutch pack pressure plate and springs from a 2001 cr125. It rode fine for the rest of the night. Next morning at lakeside mx I ride for 20 minutes and after a rhythm section the bike box down much like a fouled plug and starts making a whining noise until it died. I kicked it when it was in gear out of curiosity and it barely crept forward. I put it on the stand and it doesn’t start. Fast forward to now I started it up and it make the whining noise. There is also a knocking kind of noise when I push the kicker down. I’ve pulled the water pump case and the basket off and everything looks fine. I don’t know if a piece of the fiber is still in there or where to look. Side note: the primary drive gear has some play back and forth between the basket and the basked has some mild notching. Any help is appreciated and I can provide pictures of parts if needed.


11/30/2018 3:41 AM

check your bearings, they make all sorts of weird noises when they're failing.

note: I am not super experienced with bike motors, but my pops is a specialist when it comes to bearing failure (his job is to literally predict when one is going to bad before it happens, and determine why they failed when they do), so ive heard about all sorts of bearing failure symptoms for most of my life lol.


11/30/2018 4:16 AM

Good chance you have some broken clutch plate debris floating around...have you flushed the gear oil a few times? It may a good idea to pull it all apart and inspect everything...debris in your transmission bearings will cause a failure of the bearing and could result in more damages if you continue to run it....if a broken plate particle is lodged behind something spinning it will cause a noise....