2001-2003 RM250 help. Should i build it or not?

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7/31/2018 2:17 PM

Was given an RM250 by a friend thats in great shape. Motor runs awesome but it needs some new wheels and the suspension needs to be resprung/revalved/ and rebuilt for my level. The spokes are seized on the wheels so i figured id get new ones built from dubya. My question is... I wanted to get new OEM engine cases along with a new cylinder to put together a spare motor. I would end up buying a lot of new parts to put together a spare motor but in the end SOME parts i would just transfer like the transmission parts. Originally i wanted to go all out and get the suspension done by RG3 and do the diamond kit ($2800), about $3-4000 in aftermarket parts, get the engine "built" for some extra HP, run it on race gas, you name it i wanted to get it done. Now after looking at motosport im not so sure thats a good idea. My worry now is a lot of the OEM parts for that section of years K1-K3 is no longer in production and even some aftermarket parts like a set of triple clamps is difficult to find now. My worry is to put all the effort into this bike and down the line i cant even get a new cylinder if i need it. i know they can be rebuilt but you know stuff happens and it could get ruined as well. Another thing that may change this is if the 2005-2008 engine parts will largley work on the 2001-2003 bikes. They still make the cylinder and cases for the 05-06 bikes and kept thinking maybe its just listed that way but really the reason they dont sell the 01-03 is because its the same as the 05-06 ones they still make. Any suzuki experts out there?

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7/31/2018 5:15 PM

Obviously your concern is part availability. If youre that concerned, the yz250 is the bike for you. There will be parts for a yz far longer than any ktm. Theyve literally been making the same motor for 18 or so years.


8/1/2018 6:01 AM

The myth is that the 03 motor is similar to the 01-02. It is not . It's very similar to the 04-08 rm250 engine. They changed some porting in 04, changed the shift detention spring in trans, they fixed the jetting by going to a 7.0 slide. The linkage and suspension was changed in 04 along with triple clamp offset.
I know that the 04-07 pipe will work on a 03 if u cut the mount off and relocate where needed.


8/1/2018 7:36 AM

I like my 03 and have not had any trouble with parts at all. Except they don't make works pipes for it. Suspension is not the best but for having fun its not too bad.