1997 TM 80 parts help

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8/14/2017 11:53 AM

My 11yr old daughter has been asking for a bigger bike as of late but had only one requirement, it had to be something different. She wanted a bike like no one else had. My dad went out Saturday to look at buying a project Harley and the guy had a 97 TM 80 in the garage my dad asked about it and he ended up just throwing it in the truck with the Harley. I was told the bike has no fire and needs a cdi but there happen to be no TM dealers in Texas. So I was wondering is there any other bike models who's parts are interchangeable with TM? I was told on the plastics the rear fender and side plates are like a kx, the front fenders like a rm, and the radiator shroud is a yz but what about motor and electrical parts?