1988 cr250 front end conversion

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5/30/2018 2:51 PM

Anyone know which triple clamps/ front end setup will fit a 1988 cr250 frame?


5/30/2018 3:15 PM

The easiest front end conversions are done with a complete front end. Don't try to piece parts together with your 88, nothing newer will work with your existing parts unless you upgrade a few years ahead, which is not worth the effort. Look for a blown up crf 250/450 and get the whole front end assy...everything. Brakes, front wheel, axle,spacers are all there. This will simplify the swap, now you have to either swap steer stems, get a bearing kit or bore your existing clamps...you will know when you start fitiment of the triples... It will become obvious what you need to do.


5/30/2018 3:45 PM

sandman768 wrote:

The easiest front end conversions are done with a complete front end. Don't try to piece parts together with your 88, nothing ...more

Sweet. Thanks.
Yea, the whole front end looks like the way to go.

So when you say after getting 200? crf250/450 front end, get a bearing kit; will a bearing kit for a 88cr250 fit the steering stem on the crf? or which bearing kit?

What year crf suspension is good?



5/30/2018 6:01 PM

They have bearing conversion kits that are made to adapt different size stems, frames ect. The upgraded front end you get will be determined by how much you want to spend... The 47mm twin chambers used on the 2000"s cr & crf"s would be a nice upgrade at an affordable price...again...depends what you are looking to accomplish...generally speaking the newer front end will have larger bearing id & stems can vary in size...that is what you will be figuring out when you start sizing everything up...no matter what you run into there will be a solution to make everything work...what is your intended use of the bike? The 88"s had decent forks for the time, much better than what came on the 89 250.


5/30/2018 7:15 PM

Intended use is basically woods and trails, plus hill climbs. I live next to Carnegie SVRA in CA, the single tracks and climbs here are pretty good. Sierra woods.
The bike was stolen and abused to the point most parts are recycling. The forks tubes were rusted out and pitted crazy.
I have Varner Motorsports rebuilding the motor. Which was in very bad shape. The magnesium crank case was blown out. I was surprised he didn't ship it back after looking at it, lol. Im too busy to rebuild every part of the bike. So looking for options for the front end. Price is not an issue on this project.
I just got done with a 1997 Kx125 RC replica with some mods. All stock components. I had Eric Gorr bore the Kx to 144.

I will be starting or moving this thread into a build for the cr250. But its looking like another two months before its done. Photo Photo


6/1/2018 6:49 AM

Not to derail this thread, but that KX is SWEEEEEET!!!!! How does it run with the 144 kit? I'd love to hear about that build. w00t


6/1/2018 8:19 AM

KHI Guy wrote:

Not to derail this thread, but that KX is SWEEEEEET!!!!! How does it run with the 144 kit? I'd love to hear about that build. ...more

It runs great. I am sorry I didn't do a build thread. But I have a bunch of pics and stuff.
It is mostly all stock with only the motor mods. I had Factory Connection do the suspension.
Evo Mx in the UK for graphics which turned out a bit different than expected. But unique since it was not exactly the same as a build I based in off. I sent in the hubs after being powder coated black to Faster USA in Southern Ca. DiD wheels with Bridgestone X30 I think. ASV levers since I always tend to break levers. These have held up good so far after dropping the bike a couple times. Everything on the Kx went pretty smooth. Most main components were in good shape. I did kind of go over the top with the money spent, but it was well worth it.
I just didn't have the time to rebuild every component. That is why I sent out the engine/suspension, and wheels. I had cracked both rims prior to the build. The bike has been in my family forever, same with the cr250 and just wanted to get her pretty. Sucked since these two are my only bikes. The KX took me a good three months with no riding over the winter. Im just waiting on PC for the pipe. Since its backordered and not in stock, its been two months since the order was placed. I can't wait for her to have a nice shiny pipe!!!Photo
My favorite part of the Kx is the powder coated swing arm!!!


6/1/2018 8:26 AM


6/1/2018 9:01 AM

I still have my '97 race bike that I got in summer of '96. It has pretty low hours, and hasn't even been started since probably 2001 or somewhere around there. I keep thinking about tearing it down and doing a "refresh", but not sure how far I want to go with the project. I still have my "Pro Circuit Splitfire" Bell Moto 6 and factory Kawasaki jacket from that year. Kool stuff, and some good memories.....cool


6/1/2018 10:15 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/1/2018 10:17 AM


What do you guys think of an 2002 front end on the 88?
They look to be in good shape and has the front brake. I would only need an axle, and hub to be re-laced or a wheel setup?
I checked out all balls. And the compatibility with their bearing conversions is crazy. I never knew so many swaps can be accomplished. I want to keep it Honda though. No Yamaha parts on this bike lol.