1986 YZ80 and 2003 RM65

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5/16/2018 9:34 AM


I need to replace fork seals in both of these bikes for my sons. I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to where I could get seals for the 86 YZ80 (i figure OEM only but not sure, $8.00 a piece RMATV) also fork weight and amount. Is it tough to do the forks on the 80, I don't have a book on it. As to the 65 I have a pdf manual that I used to replace the crank as well as youtube videos. I also have the fork syringe tool but have not ever used it. I think I need to buy a fork driver as well. I would appreciate any advice or tips that you all could offer. I am trying to keep the bikes going on a budget so money is an object. Thank you for any help with this endeavor.



5/20/2018 11:06 PM

The only fork seal to use are OEM or SKF. The rest are crap. We tried some off brand red colored ones, my son kept pulling in, saying there was something wrong with the front end of the bike. Said if felt like a flat tire, twisted forks, etc. We ended up figuring out the aftermarket seals were so tight it was keeping the forks from moving smoothly when an initial bump was encountered. Swapped to OEM seals and it was back to normal.

The old YZ forks will likely be very similar to the kx forks as they are both super simple damper rod forks.