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MX558 MX558
1/29/2019 2:43 PM

Does anyone know if the 18 pegs will work on the 19 kx450 ? The oem pegs seem pretty weak I end up casing some jumps here and there and don't want to break a peg then a foot . cool thanks

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dmm698 dmm698
1/29/2019 2:48 PM
MX558 wrote:

Does anyone know if the 18 ...more

Don’t buy 16-18 OE pegs even if they fit. They pack with dirt so bad if it’s remotely sticky and you basically end up standing on blocks of mud. I actually prefer the 19 oe design to 18. Call one of the companies like raptor, they’ll be able to tell you. Or pro peg. Cross reference part #’s on works connection for 19 pro peg Ti peg see if it’s the same part as an 18. That’ll answer your question

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pCp 252 pCp 252
1/29/2019 4:45 PM

I’ll trade you a set of brand new OEM 16-18 pegs for your used 19’s if that’s what you want. But yes they fit.

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Jbulz Jbulz
1/29/2019 8:13 PM

Yes the pegs fit, I had my works connection ultralight pegs from my 16 on my 19. I honestly like the stock 19 peg more though - they dull pretty quickly though.

Also, I HIGHLY doubt you're going to break a stock peg, man. You'll blow your leg apart before you shear a steel peg off

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MX558 MX558
1/29/2019 11:08 PM

Thanks guys I do like the stock pegs , they just look flimsy is all but I geuss the engineers do their homework

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