18 ktm grips

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12/23/2018 5:42 PM

when i replace the grips on my 18’ ktm, do i need to buy a whole new throttle tube or what? i don’t mean to sound dumb but? The dealer told me that


12/23/2018 6:10 PM



vomiting equals disqualification.

12/23/2018 6:35 PM

KTMs come stock with lock-on grips, where the right side grip is molded to the tube. If you want to keep going with lock on grips, then yes, the right side grip/throttle tube is replaced as one unit. If you want to go with the non-lock on style, motion pro or a number of others probably make a throttle tube for your bike and you can buy conventional grips.


12/24/2018 4:02 AM

If you like the stock ODI grips. Buy the OEM kit. You get the grips, cams, etc.. for like 14 bucks. The retail kit from ODI for your bike will be 25 bucks.


12/24/2018 5:04 AM

I swapped over to a works connection alumnium tube, it's a really nice piece.


12/24/2018 9:22 AM

If you want to keep using the ODI system with different throttle cams you can buy just the plastic ODI throttle tube then put whatever grips you want on it. This is what I just did. Using the KTM black throttle cam with protaper grips


2015 YZ250F

12/25/2018 8:46 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/25/2018 8:46 AM

I ordered the g2 quick turn throttle kit for my 18 250sx. Going to go w regular style grips on it and the other side of bar.