17 Yz250x skid plate

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1/22/2019 8:52 AM

Looking for some input on a skid plate for MX. The track here in AK has some nice size rocks on it and I definitely need more than just a glide plate. I have been running an EE, but since reading about frame flex I am looking at going plastic. I have tried TMD and I hated the design and how hard it was to mount, and the other day I tried hyde, which moves all around and does not stay in place on the frame. I have thought about Acerbis but I have heard that it also doesn't stay in place either. Any help on this issue would be great thanks.


1/22/2019 9:40 AM

P3 makes a plastic skidplate. I have used it on my TC 125 and not my 250. The two that I have had mount easy and are tough.



1/22/2019 9:54 AM

And how does it stay in place? How many mounting points do they have? Shipping is a bitch to and from AK, and I will probably be sending my hyde back since I am no impressed at all.


1/22/2019 10:14 AM

The ones that I have stayed in place very well, they have 3 mounting points. The front mount on mine actually clamped to the frame and made the install easier.

The picture below is the skid plate I had on my TC 125



1/22/2019 10:16 AM

Wow I like that front mount seems legit!! Thanks.