17’ TC250 oil checker bolt problem[stripped]

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5/28/2018 6:00 PM

So I was changing the oil in my bike, the manual says to remove the little oil checker bolt(idk what to call it) and when it starts to drip outta the hole thats when it’s good for oil. Anyways, when I removed that bolt I noticed it had little pieces of metal in the threads and when I put it back in the bolt goes in all the way but once there, it doesn’t tighten, I guess the threads of the bolt hole broke apart?? How is this fixed? I’m just worried vibrations from riding would cause it to fall out.


5/29/2018 4:47 AM

My son's 50sx did the same thing. Mechanic put a helicoil in it and said not to check the oil too often, just change it regularly and measure how much comes out to get an idea of oil usage over a certain amount of hours


5/29/2018 5:59 AM

Helicoil/timesert, or tap to a bigger size and find an appropriate bolt or plug.


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5/29/2018 10:30 AM

Thanks lads


5/29/2018 11:33 AM

That little bolt on my 125 was dripping real slightly the very first time I took it out and put it back in. I ended up removing it and used thread sealant tape on it and never took it out again. Not leaking now , going on about a year.


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5/30/2018 2:51 AM

Yeah Ive never used mine. Isn't really see the point of checking the oil level at the inner clutch cover seeing as you just watched it go in the oil filler


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