17 350sxf died, mil code

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9/3/2018 5:36 PM

I was riding today and without any preview the bike completely shut off over a jump. Luckily I was able to save it. Bike didn't want to start again. When it finally did I was riding it back to park and it does again. When I got to the truck it flashed two long and two short on the FI light. It seems that is the great position sensor. Would that make the bike shut off like that?


9/3/2018 6:08 PM

Not sure what a great position sensor is..

If its the gear position sensor, i dont think it would shut the bike off. Should be some kind of limp mode for timing when thats broken.

Throttle position sensor wont shut it off. Will just make it run like ass.

Crank position sensor will shut it off. If the ecu doesnt know where the crank is, it cant spark at the right time.


9/5/2018 3:29 PM

Check your online fuel filter and make sure the fuel line is connected. I saw one today do the same thing with the same codes and the fuel filter was clogged and the fuel line wasn’t snapped completely together


9/6/2018 3:08 PM

Recently went through a similar issue with my 350. Pull the fuel pump out of the tank and ensure the fuel line isn't kinked, also change the fuel filter while you're in there.
There were also several cases of the bike shutting off in similar fashion that was related to the condenser but that was on pre '17 bikes.
Mine ended up being a bad spark plug and it never flashed a code.
It can be very difficult to troubleshoot because there's several things that have very similar symptoms. I talked to one of the KTM mechanics at Loretta's and he told me the most common cause is fuel issues. Mainly being the fuel like kink, fuel filters clogged, and even the fuel pump going out, also the fuel pump relay.
Also check the tip over sensor under your seat. Pull it out and shake it to ensure the piece inside is moving freely and that the sensor hasn't popped off the tabs and tilted.