16 yzf450 wont idle

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8/6/2018 6:59 AM

Hey guys, went out riding at the weekend. Got 5 laps then the bike cut out under braking and wouldn't start. Bikes at 50 hours and never missed a beat until now. Back at the van I got it to start but won't idle. Since then I've Tried adjusting the idle screw, cleaned all the electrical plug connections, drained the tank and blew out the fuel line. Still won't idle. I run a vortex ignition and it takes throttle fine when it starts. I put on the stock ignition it still won't idle but also starts breaking up around half throttle. Votrew is back on and taking throttle ok but just won't idle. Any ideas? Thanks in advance


8/6/2018 7:48 AM

Could be a list of issues man. Fuel pump, dirty injector, stator/rectifier issues.


8/7/2018 1:42 PM

So I've cleaned out the throttle body, checked the timing. Will start but won't run at all with the vortex ignition on. I put the stock ignition on and it starts idles and runs fine, until half throttle then breaks up. Tried the vortex back on still won't run. Stock on again and idleing and running fine till half throttle. I tested the fuel pump seems fine on a battery. I'm leaning toward the tps? Any thoughts?


8/7/2018 2:10 PM

Im still set on stator rectifier


8/7/2018 7:47 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/7/2018 7:48 PM

Weak fuel pump and or clogged fuel filter. It is starving for fuel.

Paw Paw


8/8/2018 5:11 AM

Thanks guys, any idea of either of those faults would show up on a diagnostics tool?


8/8/2018 5:18 AM

Not 100% sure. A dead or faulty pump would. Clogged injector wouldnt. Broken injector would. Not sure if the ecu marks low supply voltage from the rectifier as a fault but it could i suppose. Im not that familiar with yamahas ecu codes. A service manual will have every fault listed and why that fault gets triggered.


8/12/2018 6:32 AM

Hey guys. Got it on the diagnostics and fault 14.air intake pressure sensor. Swapped it out from a friend's bike and away it went good as new.