14 rmz450 Suspension

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8/6/2017 10:27 AM

I am running 1 lighter spring rate .96 in the fork and 5.7 in the shock. The fork has smart valving by RG3 but the rear shock has been revalued by Provalve. I should probably get the rear set up by RG3 as well so it is consistent with the front. I have gained about 10 lbs, and now currently weigh 170. Is it a good idea to go back to stock spring rate? I have noticed the suspension bottoming a lot easier than when I was lighter.


8/6/2017 10:42 AM

10lbs won't make much difference. Sag set ? Maybe both ends need serviced. Lotta variables .


8/6/2017 11:14 AM

6 clicks out preload on the fork
105 mm sag on the rear
I should add that the track I've been riding a bunch is tamed down SX track at milestone, just kinda feels like it's riding too low in the stroke


8/6/2017 3:48 PM

I wd call pro valve or rg3, Imo