13-16crf450 Akit conversion to 02cr250

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12/12/2018 2:27 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/12/2018 2:27 PM

Hi guys

I’m sorry if this has been a popular discussion before In other threads but I can’t seem to find any information furthering these requests.

I’ve been trying to find whether a showa Akit from a 13-16 crf450 will convert over to a 02 cr250. From resources I’ve heard the 02-04 is a shorter clevis and the 05-07 are longer but then in other resources some say it’s the other way round. I’m aware I’ll need to make a slight mod to the subframe which isn’t s big deal but more worried on lengths

I no longer have the oem shock to measure unfortunately so I can’t see what it measures up to be. Resources say it’s a 482mm eye to eye.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


12/12/2018 4:57 PM

The 05-07 clevis is 10mm longer than 02-04