08 YZ450F Hot Cams stage 1 or stock?

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12/25/2017 8:42 PM

I bought the remains of an 09 engine for the head, along with the stock cams there are stage 1 Hot Cams, all cams are in good shape. My first inclination is run stock but I wanted to see if anyone has any insight on stock/stage 1/or a combination before I start working on it.


12/26/2017 7:06 AM

The stage 1 cams gives more bottom end throttle response. The stock cams are very good for that year and that would be my choice.

Paw Paw


12/27/2017 6:56 AM

My memory of my '09 was it was a turd and I had to throw a pipe and cam in it so it could get out of it's own way.