07 KTM 250sx Jetting help

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2/7/2018 1:31 PM

Hello, I’m pretty new to the site and just wanted to crown surf a few questions. I’m here at sea level, running a 250sx with a PWK 36SAG carb. I got the bike with jetting as follows
Mainjet: 155
Pilot jet: 42
Needle/clip NIEI 2nd clip
Basically I’ve noticed it seems to be running hot which makes me think it’s lean, and I’ve noticed if you go down a stretch where you’re hard on the gas, then go on to idle with the clutch in ,it sometimes wants to slowly idle up until you release the clutch and load the motor. Other than that and a little hesitation at low rpm here and there which leads me to think it’s lean on the pilot jet, but the thing screams on the top end. I read from a post on here where a guy said this was good jetting ,Pilot jet 42 main jet 172 Suzuki needle 3rd clip NECJ , and factory setting are pilot jet 42 NIEI3rd clip main jet 158 ASO 2 turns. Just wanted to ask for any info or knowledge on this topic, much appreciated!


2/8/2018 12:39 AM

Im using a 40 pilot, 162 main, necj needle on 3rd clip

I hear people saying to go higher on the main. I need to buy a larger one to try.

Im also at sea level.

I am buying JD jet kit doe as we speak haha