07 CR250 triple clamps

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7/10/2018 7:21 PM

Hey guys, I’m looking at getting a set of aftermarket triple clamps for my 2007 CR250 and just wondering what everyone’s preferred offset is for the gen 3 cr’s. 20mm, 22mm or stock 24mm. The bike will be set up for motocross.

Triple clamp offset

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7/11/2018 2:32 PM

22, for mx, if it was me, find a set of 08 crf450 triple clamps, they are 22 and bolt right on, than get the ride engineering steering damper frame mount to utilize the stock honda damper

20 would upset the balance imo.


7/12/2018 9:26 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/12/2018 9:27 AM

I thought 22mm was stock?

I had 20mm clamps on my 07. I felt that it was to twitchy in high speed stuff so I switched to 22mm


7/12/2018 8:16 PM

The 02-07 CR2's came stock with 24mm clamps. Have owned pretty much each yr. except an 04 & never felt the need to use a different offset. These models turn as good as an RM & are stable like the YZ. Best of both worlds..


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