06 RMZ450 Cylinder on 05 fitment

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4/23/2018 11:20 AM

Has any one actually put an 06 cylinder on an 05? I thought it was possible based on what i found online... but the cylinder will not slide into the case without what looks like some serious force.

The front and back of the cylinder look to be the problem but it looks like the lower flange is just too large all the way around.

The original cylinder needed plated.. this rebuild has taken a while longer than anticipated and I ended up selling the original cylinder.

My old cylinder was marked 35G0 E-1. (I have pics from when i sold it. The 06 is 35G1 E-1.

Thank you.


4/23/2018 7:02 PM

Update... I just caliper’d it. Fyi on this situation for future reference..

Largest part of the flange is 108.75 mm

Measuring 90dg from that is 108.68mm

Measuring inside the case:

front to back is 108.40mm

left to right is 108.56mm

so an 05 will probably fit and 06/07 but not the other way around.. looks like im buying a cylinder kit and selling this cylinder with a new pro-x piston on ebay.. or anyone got a good 05 rmz cylinder for sale?