06 RM 250 coil specs

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10/1/2018 6:30 PM

I am still trying to resolve my hot starting issue. When warm, it takes about 6 good kicks for it to start and will only do so with wide open throttle. Lately, if it doesn't start, it floods. I just raised the float height and will try that.

I went through the electrical and now have this question:

How far out of spec can the ignition coil be before it causes symptoms?

My secondary winding shows 17k ohms, well within spec.
My primary winding shows 2.5 ohms and spec is between 0.17 and 0.70 ohms.

Is the coil junk and causing hard starting when warm.

Thank you


10/1/2018 8:12 PM

If the coil's primary reading was too low then it would cause the coil to break up when it got warm and cause the lose of spark, but your's shows to be high.
I would suspect that you have a carb issue. Float set too high or float valve leaking. Having to hold the throttle wide open indicates that you are mildly flooded.
The only other fuel related things would be if the fuel is getting too hot from engine heat and causing a mild vapor lock or partial blockage on carb or tank vent lines.
The next time...Pull the spark plug out when you would be ready to start it when it's warm or hot to see if it is wet.

Paw Paw