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4/4/2018 4:05 PM

I have an 05 yz250. I bought from a vet rider and it was suppose to have only 10 hours on full rebuild and full weiseco clutch assembly. The day I bought I had been riding it for about 4 hours (ran perfect) when it started bogging out and died mid trail. It didn't seize but I could feel drag on the motor when trying to kick it. After taking the cylinder off everything looked and moved freely. No burn marks below the rings the cylinder looked perfect, a buddy said it was in the clutch when we starting taking that apart there was no bb on the end of the push rod to act as a spacer. He claims that's why, he says it heated up and was able to work it's way out. I bought a new push rod and a few other misc. Clutch parts and gaskets to put everything back together. The diagrams I have pulled up don't show the bb for 05 but most other years have them. I just plan to use one and adjust accordingly on my clutch lever. Could there be something else? Should I investigate further or is it safe to say that's the problem and put everything back together and it should be fixed?Photo


4/5/2018 12:31 PM

As you stated, yours does not call for a BB in the assemble. It not being there should not be an issue the way the assemble is set up. I would suggest you may have some other issue with your clutch.
What oil are you using?

Paw Paw