05 Ktm 85sx

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6/28/2018 4:15 PM

Bought a Ktm 85sx off a friend who needed money. He said it ran when he got it and hasn’t rode it much. So I did a compression test and got 30 lbs. so I knew it it needed to be rebuild. So I started taking it apart and i believe a lot of water entered threw the exhaust. Being he left it outside with no exhaust plug. I’m wonder what other damage could have been done. The very little rust on the rod, and I checked for play in the crank. Seemed to me that there wasn’t any play. Also what concerns me is the sound it makes when kicking it over. It sounds like there’s no lubercation. Also the cylinder looks fine and the piston and rings look fine the ring move freely. So I’m wondering where the low compression is coming from.
Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks