03 yz250f stripped oil reservoir on frame

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12/7/2017 1:10 PM

Hi there, I've had a small oil leak from the reservoir on my bike, I knew something was stripped, but thought it was the bolt... I was wrong, the frame itself is stripped out.

Should I use a tap and die set to redo the threads and buy another bolt? The only concern with that for me is all the metal bits, I could disconnect the oil lines and try to get all the metal bits out I guess.

I don't know though, what are your thoughts on how to fix this?


2003 Yz250f.

12/8/2017 12:43 PM

Where this is located on the frame will allow you to remove the oil screen and disconnect the oil line beside it. Then you can drill and or tap for a new bolt. Be sure to use heavy grease on the tap and then flush the tank part after the work is done. This way you should be able to do the work without getting any shavings in your oil.

Paw Paw