02/03 CR250R Vforce Reed Block

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12/28/2017 8:16 PM

Hello all,
I have an 02 CR250R that I just rebuilt. Will an 03/04 Vforce work as long as I use the 03 manifold too? Reason for asking is I have a NOS 03 manifold and my stock 02 one is hardened and probably an air leak waiting to happen, and you can’t buy them now (and the 03 was the only one I could find NOS).


12/29/2017 6:30 AM

Yes. I'm running an 03 VF2 reed block in my 02 cases. The 02 reed blocks are a 2 piece unit vs. the 1 piece of the 03/04 if I recall. It's a much better design for a better seal.


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12/29/2017 7:50 AM

Thanks! The only difference I could see was that the stuffer is part of the rubber intake on 02’s and part of the Vforce on 03/04. Just wanted to check.