01 250r kick starter spring issue

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9/7/2017 4:19 PM

A friend of mine has an 01 250r dirt bike that we did a complete rebuild on and now we are having an issue with the kick starter spring coming out of the hole and getting wedged in the clutch basket gear and locking up the motor. I've double checked that it was assembled right and had the proper tension and nothing is missing parts wise.

It happened to us on the bench the first time and it was all torn apart and checked again thought it was good to go but he had same issue happen after he put it back in the bike. Has anyone had this before, could the clutch cover be worn? He never had this issue before it was rubuilt


9/7/2017 5:10 PM

Your last sentence tells me you did something wrong. In my experience ive seen washers get stuck to the side of the case. Might have lost one when you took it apart. I would literally take it back apart and check off every part in the exploded view in the book as you verify you have it and its installed the way the book says.

Also, that right angle part of the spring that goes in the hole, if its too short, it wont stay in. Idk if somehow it was broken or something during the rebuild maybe..


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9/7/2017 5:34 PM

Thanks I'll look into it again. I got the motor already tore apart in pieces and he's bringing me tell bike this weekend or next. It seems like something simple since it didn't do it before but I'll also check the spring to see if it had previously broke