YZ144 Gearing advice and any other tips?

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4/27/2013 10:32 AM

I just sent my head off to eric gorr for the 144 kit. Any tips from those who have had this done on what gearing you went with, jetting advice, spark plug, etc? I chose the mo betta powerband and am running pump gas in Washington.


4/27/2013 3:26 PM

go over to thumpertalk, the yam 2 stroke section, it will take you a day to go thru all the thread talking about the eg 144. We had a 05 eg 144, for a couple of years and loved it....

think 410 is stock MJ, we went up to a 480, ran a bit rich, but we have a lot of sand here in fl. think we went with a 14 CS and a 48 or 49 on the back. we had a pump head also, but still got some detnonation, had to get the ocatane to about 97 before it ran clean and did not detonate....

yout gonns love it!


4/28/2013 2:49 AM

Our RM 144 pulls a 14/50 on these soft Florida tracks. We run a 360 main with the needle in the 2nd from top, didn't go with Gorr though. Squish is at .032 you better check yours closely, I've heard much of Gorr's stuff comes back .045 and bigger, main reason for detonation and having to go up on main. A tighter wider squish creates that cooling ring effect around the perimeter of the piston, most know where signs of detonation are located on a piston right?