Spinning tank bolt

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6/2/2012 11:08 AM

Today went to put on new rad shrouds on CRF250 but one of the tank bolts just spins so:
1. how to remove spinning bolt?
2. how to repair for fitting new shrouds?


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6/2/2012 3:38 PM

I chucked the bolt in a drill and spun it till it got hot enough to pull out. Clean up the nut and the hole so the nut pushes back in and use JB Weld and let it sit over night. Carefull not to let any JB weld in the threads. Let it set overnight and use anti seize in the threads from now on.


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6/2/2012 6:45 PM

That happened to my CRF450. The bolt stripped out the brass insert. To get it out, I stuck a small flat blade screw driver under the bolt head while I loosened the bolt. The stripped thread was a M5 but it is some crazy shoulder bolt. Luckily. i had one of the CRF bolt kits (you know the ones that are on the counter in most bike shops, I think the brand is actually "Bolt"). It had the exact same bolt but wit a M6 thread. I then CAREFULLY drilled and tapped the stripped insert to a M6. I used a bottoming tap since the hole is not very deep and you need most of the threads. Problem solved and you would never know it happened since the heads match.


8/28/2012 11:00 AM

I just filler the hole with gas tank mend that works with plastic aswell (basicly jb weld) and drilled and tapped that and its been working for a year or so . I tried putting the bolt back but the jb weld dont stick to the brass so well so it pulls back out .


8/30/2012 2:54 PM

i bought a new tank for my rmz when thet happened to me and i did the spin the bolt trick and melted a hole rite in the tank, so becareful!