Fork seal help

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8/8/2015 7:47 PM

Bike is a 15 250sx with about 20hrs. About a month ago I did a pretty bad mudder and figured I should clean around the dust boot to get the dirt out. So I pulled both dust boots down and cleaned around the seal with some wd40(maybe this is the issue). Put the dust boots back on and went for a ride.

After washing after the ride I noticed a little bit of oil on both inner tubes but assumed it was just the wd40 running off. Today after riding I noticed quite a bit of oil on the inner tubes and some on the brake caliper. So I let the pressure off the forks and the leak seemed to stop.

Now for the questions. Any idea of what may have caused this? (Wd40?) I planned on having the suspension done at the end of the year and I do not ride frequently, should I potienially move that date up, or is it fine to run it with low oil? Obviously I know the handling will change, but will I do internal damage with no oil? Thanks


8/8/2015 8:12 PM

You have to get in there and remove the debris with a piece of film or something, this is one of the best tools i have ever purchased, amazing how much dirt/sand/shmegma I have pulled out of my seals and then had them stop leaking.



8/10/2015 9:27 AM

Bump..I'm super green when it comes to suspension, also wondering if there would be damage caused from running low fork oil via leakage