Fork Problem--Inner and Outer Tubes Won't Separate

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8/12/2013 6:33 PM

I'm servicing the forks on my '05CR250F (500 conversion) for the first time. Right fork was no problem. On the left fork, I cannot separate the inner and outer tubes. I'm jerking them apart hard, but the seal has not moved from its seat. I even clamped the axle end in a vise and used both hands, but still cannot get them separated.

Any ideas on why this is so tight, and what I can do?


8/12/2013 7:38 PM

I had this problem with one of my fork legs on my Yamaha, turned out the top bushing on the inner fork leg was slipping inside one of the spacers-washers on the fork leg, there for I was trying to pull the outer tube over the top inner bush instead of driving the seal out. Took a bit to get it apart, I did the same as you I put the axle part of the fork in a vice and gave it quite a few hefty pulls before it eventually came, I may have even used a block of wood and a hammer on the bottom of the fork where the seal is and tapped it off, I can't remember it was a while ago. But when it did come apart the top bushing on the inner tube was stuffed, it scraped most of that coating of the outside of the bush.... Good luck.


8/14/2013 6:51 AM

Thanks MX690--I used a heat gun, a block of wood and a 2lb hammer and tapped it off. Of course the bushings were bad when I got inside, but it looks like nothing else is ruined.