2013 KTM 250sx carb help

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4/11/2016 7:54 AM

Hey guys just picked up a 2013 KTM 250 sx. Noticed the plug was burning black. The guy was running 50:1 and I'll be running 40:1. My elevation is 3661 feet I've got a Suzuki needle on the way but need help with the jetting side. Always rode four strokes and never had to jet them. Thanks in advace


4/11/2016 7:55 AM



4/11/2016 8:37 AM

Try 32:1 or 40:1 with a 40 pilot, the RM 250 NECJ needle on the 3rd setting and a 172-175 main jet.


4/11/2016 8:45 AM

Cool I thought that's what everyone's been saying but I couldn't quite remember