clutch Push rod stuck?

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11/3/2017 10:35 AM

I'm replacing all the clutch parts on my 87 yz 80. The longer push rod on the left side that wears on the actuator shaft will not come out? On every bike I've worked on before it just falls out when I tip the bike over a bit.

I've tried sucking with a shop vac...blowing air...soaked it with WD 40..I can get on it with a bent up hanger and move it a bit, but still a few inches from all the way out. Feels like it moves easy for about a half inch and then gets stuck.

Any ideas or tricks? I really don't want to have to split the cases to get it out.Photo


11/3/2017 2:14 PM

Magnet pen....thick grease on end of punch? Sometimes them pushrods get peened on the ends.....


11/3/2017 2:37 PM

Problem is the magnetic pen needs to be under 5mm. Mine is too big and if I found one I don't think it would be strong enough.

Would it be a terribly stupid idea to drill a hole in the left case and push it out from the clutch side? Then just put a screw in the hole or jb weld or something?

I'm going to pull the bearing to try and get a little more room to operate.


11/3/2017 6:55 PM

It runs through the one transmission shaft it's not catching on the edge of the shaft is It?