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11/28/2018 8:50 AM

Hey guys, does anyone have experience with the plastics? How do they compare to the Maier plastics for the 1976-77 Suzukis? Is the color/finish similar? I'm looking for a front number plate for a 1977 RM370.

Thanks in advance for your help!


11/28/2018 9:26 AM

They have been around forever. look on their web page. It is way closer to OEM than Maier. Have you checked Ebay for and OE plate? Is this for a racer or show bike?


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11/28/2018 9:44 AM

Everything I have gotten from Tony has been top notch stuff. Nice shiny finish on the fenders.


11/28/2018 9:46 AM

Thanks guys!


11/28/2018 10:13 AM

I think their components are A+ and the service is just as good.


11/28/2018 10:35 AM

I've done 5 76-78 RM's and their plastic is on every one. Excellent quality and like Hasletjoe said ,Tony is a great guy to deal with, you'll be very happy.


11/28/2018 10:39 AM
Edited Date/Time: 11/28/2018 10:41 AM

You can get the front number plate from Suzuki still. About the only thing you can't get are the front and rear fenders but the side panels and number plate is still sold.

One of the nice things about Suzuki is how much stuff they still sell. I needed an airbox to carb boot for my 77 RM125 and got it new for $25. Gas cap and hose - $17. fuel petcock - $32....


11/28/2018 1:10 PM

Thanks everyone! I have one more question. The bike is a 1977 RM370 in nice original condition, but the tank does have some dents and scratches. Does anyone have any leads on someone to smooth out and repaint the tank? I'm trying to get an idea on cost.


11/28/2018 6:33 PM

Brian Fedigan at MX Restoration in Morton,Ny. He's done 3 for me and I just shipped him 5 more this past Monday. He's very reasonable,does excellent work and probably the best turnaround time in the biz. Tell him Mick from Pa recommended him and maybe I'll get a candy cane for Christmas from him,lol. He has a nice website that shows his work phone 585-300-5227. Another one of the good guys


11/28/2018 8:14 PM

motoXman9995 wrote:

Thanks everyone! I have one more question. The bike is a 1977 RM370 in nice original condition, but the tank does have some ...more

No need to ship your tank off to another state as any decent body shop can redo the tank, but you might want to reinstall your own decals unless it is a high end shop..


11/29/2018 10:32 AM

Over in the UK there is a guy that uses hydraulic pressure to undent pipes. I think it could be applied to aluminum gas tanks just as easily by making a threaded adapter that fits filler and plug the petcock mount. It should take most dents out as long as they aren't creased.

I needs to try it on my 77 tank. I put some mild dents in it this year with my knees and one with my n@ts... LOL


12/1/2018 9:57 PM

Don't use pressure on the tank.

While it works great on pipes, on tanks it causes the tunnel to deform and you end up with a trashed, unusable tank.


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12/2/2018 5:37 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/2/2018 5:38 PM Brian has done a great deal of work for me and is very reasonable. More importantly than doing a great job he's an honest person which is not always easy to find.


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12/3/2018 9:09 AM

I would expect any competent automotive dent repair person should be able to remove most dents from a tank. They do pretty good work on cars and often are able to access difficult to reach areas.