Very Merry Christmas Here Part #2

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12/22/2018 4:39 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/22/2018 4:45 PM

It appears that Newmann Claus has been very busy of late, as he just delivered this gem!!!
I have an old saying with my good friends “that we do not know the score, as we do not keep it between us”. He and I often swap “favors” but I feel certain that I am now behind and eternally indebted.
Super cool rare fiberglass piece that hopefully will get us both jumpstarted to complete these little bikes.
Thank you Newmann Claus, YOU ROCK



12/22/2018 6:18 PM

That's awesome...Newmann Claus is my kinda guy...?


12/22/2018 6:49 PM

Work of art. Props to Newmann Clause.


There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear.

12/22/2018 8:05 PM

Amazing work! And I myself can spot the good stuff being that my Daddy owns a auto collision shop. Opened it when he was 17, he’s now 74, and still goes to work everyday. He’s a true craftsman, and so is the man who’s hands restored that beauty. That is gorgeous. ??


12/22/2018 8:11 PM

Pretty dang cool!


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3/15/2019 4:43 PM

Wow just wow,very cool .