Value on vintage bikes

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11/18/2018 6:11 PM


11/18/2018 6:34 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/18/2018 6:44 PM

OldPro277 wrote:

Apparently you didn't read or understand my post. Dude,obviously you haven't done many restores. I/m not sure anyone that does ...more

barnett468 wrote:

"Dude,obviously you haven't done many restores."

Well, I do restorations for a living and have sold a few cars for world ...more

OldPro277 wrote:

Yes we all know how fast you are and that you're a "jetting expert",and your bikes run great but look ugly . I'm kinda shocked ...more

"You seem to like to argue,"

It is also quite obvious that you are in fact the who who likes to argue and to try and have the last word, otherwise you wouldn't continue to reply to my posts, lol. Anyway. please do carry on, as I find this amusing.

LOL, This is friggen great and much funnier than old reruns of Leave It To Beaver. You're as predictable as the sun and the moon. Your infantile, self serving and vacuous bloviating is only exceeded by your level of narcissism and jealousy, and clearly shows you have a very frail and needy ego that craves attention.

OMG...I think I just peed my pants!