Telford Classic Dirt Bike Show 2019 Videos

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3/2/2019 5:25 AM

Here's 3 videos by Chris Montignani:

I've followed his videos over the last few years. His commentary is pretty calm and dry, but better that than a squealing 'enthusiast'. There might be a little, or a lot that may interest some of you in these 3 videos .

Can't say I agree with his views on the Clews Stroka replica frames. If you want to see truly impressive British Engineering / Welding, look to a genuine CCM frame. The workmanship on those, and the Rickman framed specials that my Dad and Uncle had, were the source of my start in frame making, and my mitering and welds were held up against those (by me and my Dad etc) when I was first starting out.

I very much want to get to the Telford Classic Dirt Bike Show, in the next few years.