T & S Racing AHRMA race in Henryetta

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10/2/2017 3:53 PM

If you like vintage motocross, especially 1975 and older bikes, and you weren't in Henryetta this past weekend, you missed one heck of a track that Trampas Parker and his wife created. Have you ever gone to a city park and dreamed about having a natural track there? Well that is exactly what they did!

He built a couple of lips for a few extremely safe yet fun jumps either up or down a natural hill. The track was literally in a park so it started out as pure grass in the morning which always looks cool. There was a rubber band start which was new for me and it was cool! I have a lot of fun racing vintage dirt bikes and I encourage anyone with an old bike to come give it a shot no matter how old you may be.

Oh and Jimmy Albertson was there for the 100cc race. Him and Trampas put on a great show on Saturday. I had to leave Saturday evening but I heard he was even more entertaining on Sunday.


10/3/2017 2:17 PM

Friends have been posting pics and raving about it.


10/3/2017 8:50 PM

Good riding on Saturday BTW.

I think it just hit me a few hours ago but that track and the effort to pull it off was pretty amazing. I can't imagine a vintage rider not wanting to ride a track like this.

Anyway, the 100/125 race is on at Rio and you can ride any year model 125cc smoker.

Here's a pic from the weekend I snapped off of you. I'll post up a pretty cool Albertson picture I have on Wednesday of him on the YZ100 this past weekend...Photo