Steelie 95 CR 125 parts - interchangeable years?

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5/31/2018 6:01 AM

Hi guys, Im bitten by the steel CR bug, and It will most likely wind up being the bike I ride most often. Naturally then I'd like to have spares on hand for later use. Wondering which years engines and also swing arms may work on a 95. (Ive read a few engine swap threads, but they all seem to be using 90's motors in the newer alum frame bikes.) Thanks!


6/2/2018 8:40 AM

I want to say 95-97 should be compatible... I picked up a 96 CR250 recently. Steelie CR's rule


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6/6/2018 10:40 AM

Any engine from 92-07 will bolt in frame. Newer ones have larger bolts so would need to drill out frame to match. HPP cylinder style used from 92-99 but can be bolted on up to '02 cases using PV governor and linkage....... Swingarms are a different story unless using complete wheel/brake etc assembly.......not really sure on fitment for that.


6/8/2018 10:23 AM

Thanks guys, the idea of a more modern motor with avail oem parts sources is enticing, but Id love to keep it era correct, as the 95 motors are sought after. So many important parts out of production, we're at the mercy of the ebay scrapyard for most parts. Its running perfect currently, so theres no rush. Just a back burner project.