Pro Circuit Upper Triple Clamp wanted: 2001 KX125

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11/16/2018 11:54 AM

I'm new to this site and hope this is the right place to post. I'm currently rebuilding/freshening a 2001 KX 125. I was lucky to score a PC "Lower" Clamp directly from Pro Circuit.
Upper clamps, Lowers, Bar Mounts are backordered and word is they were going to do a short run (30 sets) if enough orders came in. I was told end of October 2018 they would be in stock.
They still haven't received enough orders to run is what I was told yesterday. In the interim, I'd like to get the bike assembled and am looking for a PC upper clamp if anyone has one around.
Also interested in any other PC bits for trade or sale. (Clutch perch, PV cover, clutch cover, carbon glide plate, carbon , frame guards, etc.
I've got some PC links for an 03 KX250, a PC power valve cover new in the package if anyone is in need.
I'm not building a replica, just a fresh KX125 for a slow old dog to beat on around the track.
Thanks for any info or advice.