Pesky Mini Rider 1978

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7/25/2017 12:16 AM

Hi good people I have been given over 100 photos of 78/79 World Mini Days and Indian Dunes and Saddleback and more and trying to identify this young guy who was riding for Pesky Canuga Park on Suzuki, he was with my mate Australian DG Mini Star Derrim Porter.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS anyone know who the boss of JT Racing was in that Time?

Regards RoscoPhoto


7/25/2017 12:18 AM



7/25/2017 5:27 AM

John Gregory was the owner of JT and that sure looks like him in the photo.


7/25/2017 8:47 AM

PN27416 wrote:

John Gregory was the owner of JT and that sure looks like him in the photo.

Yep, that's John. Or, one hell of a lookalike


7/25/2017 2:54 PM

Thanks guys on JT Boss John Gregory.

Now who is young gun Mr Pesky.

Here he is at Indian Dunes Night Meeting that Derrim Won the Night.Photo


7/25/2017 8:02 PM

Okay guys. Haven't posted for several years. My opinion from memory is Gary szygali misspelled the name in sure. Remember an article from mini-cycle mag he was about my age. 1978, 9 yrs old. Don't know if he did the big races or was just a fast dunes local


7/25/2017 8:19 PM

Roscommon, lets see some more pics


7/25/2017 8:56 PM

Going by this press release it looks like Pesky rider is Doug Gentry.Photo


7/25/2017 8:57 PM

On the Weekend or Next week I will do a whole New Post with all the Pics.


7/25/2017 9:23 PM

So what's mr porter up to these days. Haven't heard about him since about 1979


7/25/2017 10:36 PM

Its was a tough last Friday Nicksdad, we Layed Dad Frank at 83 to Rest after a battle with prostrate cancer.

Derrim is well he is the Regional Sales manager of Teco Electric Motors Australia.

Here is pic with Erik Kehoe 1978Photo


7/27/2017 10:17 PM

So sorry about your dad. Been there done that.......with both parents. Looking forward to the rest of your photos when you have time. Does derrim still ride at all? When did he stop racing?