Newer, wider footpegs for CR500

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1/14/2018 9:03 PM

Anyone got some info on this? Putting my Steelie back into commission, would like to see if there's a pair out there that would fit.


1/14/2018 10:31 PM

I would think the Cr500 would be like the other last of the steel frame Honda's. Yamaha pegs from 2000 through 2017 fit on with no modification. You can get part out or take off ones on ebay for very reasonable. They even had titanium ones stock for a while. I picked up a titanium set and a steel set and I only paid $30 each. They fit my 88' CR250 nicely.


1/14/2018 10:53 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/14/2018 10:58 PM

I use KTM pegs. I worked at a mates KTM dealership for a time , then had free run of it after I'd left..

So, any number of KTM pegs were to hand, what with the way people 'bling' their bikes.And, plenty of KTM peg springs...

Found that the KTM pegs (pre 16 / 17 and perhaps some 15s like FEs) fitted with a simple filing / linishing of their pivot point from 30mm down to the 29mm of the old steelie.

So, if you've friends that have 'blinged' their KTMs, you might have a source of freebies. You'll have to buy KTM springs, but they cost bugger all.

Of course, there are aftermarket pegs for the CR, but , as I said, there's plenty of KTM 'take offs' out there

Std KTM pegs are 48mm wide, and, a tad lower than the ancient, narrow CR500 pegs.

And, of course, there are a bazillion and one aftermarket pegs out there for KTMs. Plenty of those going unused by KTM owners, that you can probably get for bugger all.

I now run KTM 450RR / ADV pegs - they are lower again, 54.5mm wide, and 132mm from the center of the peg bolt / pin, to the outer edge. Even with my trashed, bent (mega Valgus) knees, I never miss them, or have my feet come off. Anything else, and my feet come off the pegs far too easily.

As a side note, I run 12mm Stainless bolts as peg pivots, with a non threaded shank that goes through both the pegs and the frame mounts. I've done that sort of thing for decades now, and I never have droopy, worn pegs or the frame, on any of my bikes.

I can't find 'Peg only' pictures of them, but in these 2 pics you can see them at the bottom of each picture :



1/15/2018 9:51 PM

Very nice, thank you, gentlemen.