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1/21/2018 1:01 PM

Just discovered site. Having serious flashbacks with some of the district 6 and 7 names and tracks.

I'm in. Got some great stuff/stories to share if anyone interested


1/23/2018 2:30 AM

I live near Frederick. Few years ago, Hope he's still alive, Jim (sr) Lauer was workin in my Home Depot. Saw him quite a few times, just as happy go lucky as ever was.
From your openA days, do you remember Jimmy Martenot? Was my best friend had heart attack goin down I70. Fatal firery crash sad Jimmy may have hit openA after your time early/mid 80's?
If you have surplus of old D6/7 pics ( i don't) their is quite a few on here who would be greatful for your effort to post.
Welcome, Mark


1/24/2018 1:29 AM

Hey Jeff. I remember you. I'd very much like to see your old D-7 pics. And a few tales to go with them. I rode in D-7 events, mostly MX, from '72 to '82 / '83.

Didn't you hold the D-7 # 1 plate around '73 or 4 ? Rode 400 Maico's ?



1/25/2018 9:02 AM

Hey Mark and RB. Good to see a few of us still kicking. I'm still learning to navigate this site properly but I' ll get some stuff posted soon. Yea RB, I had the #1 in '74','75 on Maico 400. Sr class. #1 (can't remember date.'80 somethin hehe).