Need fork boot suggestions for 80' YZ250, 81' YZ465, & 83' YZ200

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12/31/2018 7:22 PM

I am hoping someone here has first hand experience in getting fork boots that fit any or all of these bikes properly. The YZ100 boots can be black but I might prefer yellow. I am hoping for yellow boots on both the 250 and 465. I don't care if they are originally used on another brand or if the yellow is slightly off.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


12/31/2018 7:40 PM


12/31/2018 7:44 PM

Thanks for the suggestion. Which of the 3 bikes will these fit for certain.


12/31/2018 9:25 PM

They fit 40-48mm up to 13 inches of travel. Those are 46mm KX forks on my Yz there