Need a MR50 DG Racer?

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3/28/2018 4:02 AM

Built/restored this about 7-8 years ago, used it for my pitbike at MX Rewind once and it’s been sitting in my house ever since. 75 Honda MR50 with original DG head and DG pipe, NOT reproduction stuff. All hardware is OEM, tires are the original IRC’s, plastic is all original stuff, shocks are OEM but powder coated and turned upside down to look like Girlings, NOS cables, base coat clear coat “Chevy Daytona yellow” paint, etc...everything has been done right. I really want zero part of selling this but my wife has been recently diagnosed with cancer and I’m missing work like it’s my job so it’s time to do what I gotta do. I’d be happy to crate her up if you deal with the shipping, I can send it off from where I work as we have a loading dock. If you are in the northeast id also be happy to meet you. DO NOT SEND ME A PM, I’LL NEVER GET IT. Feel free to call or text me at(413) 834-1374. Asking $3000. Head and pipe alone is worth at least half that. Thanks all, NatePhoto



3/28/2018 8:23 AM

Hi Everyone. For what it’s worth the pictures do not do this bike justice. Nate’s work is unbelievably good and this bike is his baby. It is worth every dollar.