Moto Hose review '84 YZ 250L

Siloam Springs, AR US
10/19/2017 11:46am
I installed the new hoses on my '84 YZ 250 to eliminate half of the hose clamps on the cooling system as well as upgrading to the new style silicone hoses. It was all pretty much straight forward. A couple of things worth mentioning.....
1. These hoses may/may not fit other years or models.
2. As such, some fitting/trimming may be required.
3. On my '84, they went on pretty well with some minor glitches.

The upper spigots on the '84 are a little bit smaller than the I.D. of the new hoses. Heat shrink can be used to make the spigots larger to make a tighter fit into the hose. I cinched the clamps down (making sure there was no deforming of the hose), and they worked fine. Pressure checked at 15PSI, and no leaks after riding the bike.

The hose that connects the left radiator lower spigot was the correct size, but the angle was a little off. I was able to twist the hose enough to fit it correctly. I also had to trim about an inch off the length to have it line up just right.

The only other thing worth mentioning is the lower water pump hose that goes to the head slightly contacts the outer engine mount bolt. Shouldn't be an issue, but I will put a piece of rubber to insulate it just to be sure. I would also use the hose clamps with the rolled edges so they won't cut into the hose.

Hope this helps anyone considering the hoses.

York, SC US
10/19/2017 12:13pm
I am so glad oldsociamxr agreed to test fit this model for us on his 1984 YZ for us I was skeptical on the 100% fitment. oldsociamxr is a very skilled motorcycle mechanic and was able to install them with the necessary trimming that we purposely added in order for this kit to fit from 1983 to 1989

Over time We bought the used stock hoses off eBay and we discovered that there were a coupe fitment complications after production. The stock hoses must have stretched at the top radiator fit and one of the bottom Y hoses must have been removed and reinstalled at an off angle.

We like our kits to have easy installation so because of the difficulty an average person may have with installation we decided to discontinue this model.

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