Mid to late 80s CR125s..

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9/21/2017 6:44 PM

I'm an older bike n00b. Want to pick up an older CR125 to ride in more classes locally - it seems like these guys are having the most fun too.

Generally, theres a decent amount of 85-89 CRs for great deals around here. Can you guys enlighten me on what years are overall better/tips, tricks on these bikes? Going to look at an 86 and also an 88 soon. Thanks in advance and I appreciate any advice!


9/21/2017 7:08 PM

All those years are good, but I would choose an 87, and have one myself.

87 and up have both front and rear disc brakes. 87 was also the last year of the orange/red color plastic with the blue seat. I like that look over the darker blood red of 88-89.