Looks like PJ1 has frame paint again

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1/3/2018 6:06 AM


04 KX125
94 KX250SM
75 Z1-900

1/3/2018 6:28 PM

I bought a can of pj1 flat black engine case paint over the summer to finish my 81 rm engine cases...spent hrs prepping everything, waited for a nice warm dry day to spray it....everything ready to go.......hit the spray nozzle....nothing! Not even a little squirt! Full f&$@king can of paint... Nothing...I was livid....went to autozone & bought some cheap ass flat black high temp stuff, worked like a charm....if I was to paint a frame myself again, I would go with Colorite paint products, they make all the bike colors....


1/3/2018 7:19 PM

I just did my frame two weeks ago with PJ1. Washed and prepped with duplicolor primer and I think it came out pretty good. Cured after 48 hrs and feels solid. Match was spot on and came out of the can as it should. I got mine from rocky mtn