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2/20/2018 6:19 AM

Saw this on eBay and had to buy it. My dad somehow had this movie taped as a kid ( I was 4 when it came out) and I watched it a ton. I know it’s on YouTube and I don’t have a vcr but felt I had to have it.



2/21/2018 2:57 AM

Awesome! maybe I'm a clueless old ba$tard but i couldn't find it on utube. nice find


2/21/2018 6:16 AM


Here you go this should work

2/22/2018 7:53 PM

cruise Goodwill and get a VCR!!


2/22/2018 8:32 PM

Problem is crappy ones eventually ruin your tapes. I wonder if there was ever a nice one that did not do that. I would buy one from eBay if I could. I don’t wanna ruin all my tapes.


2/23/2018 7:46 AM

You an buy a new one cheep at wal mart.


2/23/2018 7:59 AM

Probably a new one would work well for a while