Kx125 old stuff questions

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10/17/2017 12:05 AM


I'm looking for som old stuff and wonder if you can help me to source them!

I want an all purple renthal bar with the black "birdpin" and a renthal barpad, the purple/light yellow one. Only original stuff!

And I want to buy purple excel or other brand rims, 21" front and 18" rear, can't seem to find them, seems hard!

Rims is for a 1997 kx125, but if the 94-98 tank, subframe with seat etc. fits on the 2000 kx125 (wich it seems to do) then the rims will be for a 2000 kx125 (Have that bike too and are either taking that 2000 engine to the 97 or the 97 seat, tank etc. to the 2000 bike.)

There is alot more parts I need and I'll ask for them too when they pops up!
Another question: I want the power from the 2000 bike and maybe even more...what should I put my money on? I don't want to buy any aftermarket exhaustpipe, would like to put a NOS OEM pipe on the bike...but how about the power? Can I put my money on reeds, maybe a vhm head and/or a 38mm lectron carb instead of changeing the pipe? And still get a bad "kick" on the top rpm? Feels my 97 is hard to hold on the pipe sometimes, gotta hate that!

Thanx alot!!!smile


10/17/2017 8:32 AM

1996 cylinder has better low end power. I think it's easier to keep on the pipe. I think it will swap over.

I would look on RK/Excel's website for the wheels you need. Or Pro Wheels website. Or possibly have some silver wheels anodized purple. Maybe have them anodize some Renthals while you're at it. whistling

The pads are hit and miss. There was someone on vintagebikeads.com who had some for sale a while back. You can search there or on this site.


10/17/2017 9:07 AM

Thanks alot! Nonono I dont want any 96 cylinder with better bottom, I'm gonna take that year 2000 engine and put it in my 97, I want more power and I don't want it to be easily broken down to lower rpm when on the pipe, I want that top end hit to be stronger than this one! It seems to be a bolt on operation and I have the right "solenoidcarb", exhaust, ignitionsystem with all komponents etc. etc.

Yes I've been thinking of that, could leave my parts for anodising, but thats my last solution! Will do as you say, gonna hang around on ebay the whole winter!

Another question: Were there ever made any shocks from Reiger for those late 90's - early 20's kx125's?


10/17/2017 10:21 AM


10/17/2017 10:32 AM
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I'm not sure on the Reiger shock.

I found a place to anodize YOUR rims for $165,



10/19/2017 8:12 AM

You can't mix 94-98 and 99-02 frames, subframes, tanks, seat, etc. It doesn't fit.


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