Is There a Decent Pipe Source?

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2/1/2018 3:25 AM

I'm looking for a new expansion chamber for my YZ465 which I use for AHRMA X/C and MX. I was considering PFR but I understand those pipes are rather thin walled. DG? No thanks as the build quality is lacking from what I've seen. In the past I've used a Vintage Iron Magnum on my YZ250A pipe which seemed well built but I understand VI lost thier pipe builder and has brought on another. I don't mind spending a few bucks for a pipe but I would like to get my money's worth in quality and durability.


2/1/2018 5:26 AM

Check with Dyno Port.


2/1/2018 8:55 AM

Nope. Rich would need the bike to make a pipe.


2/1/2018 10:39 AM

BTW, just spoke with Vintage Iron. They still don't have a pipe builder.


2/1/2018 12:23 PM

Jemco unless they have closed shop.

May want to look into Geoff Morris Concepts in Australia. I bought a couple silencers for my YZ125's and the quality was outstanding. Shipping may leave a bruise.

Performance from PFR pipes were really poor for my 125's. Jemco and stock were the best.


2/1/2018 2:53 PM

Can't go wrong with one of Geoff's pipes, top Aussie quality cool

But as stated, shipping might burn a hole, but it can't hurt to email Geoff and ask.


2/1/2018 3:53 PM

Geoff's pipes ARE nice but at almost $500 before shipping...