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Henkies Henkies
11/2/2017 1:13 PM


Would like to make a flashy 90's Honda CR, but cannot find a lot of inspiration online.
I do have a flo yellow plastics set, which is a present trend as well. But it's even harder to find an example of this with graphics.
And I'd like it to be period correct. I have a 93-94 cr125 model, which equals 92-94 CR250.

So would be great if anyone can post pictures of flashy 90's Honda CR's, or recommend a link. Doesn't neccesarily need to be yellow.

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Sidecar Sidecar
11/3/2017 7:56 AM

Race Spec CR125... 1994, British Championship team, they looked awesome.

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SmokinJoe439 SmokinJoe439
11/3/2017 8:47 AM

Couple of pics I saved



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