Indian 75cc Dirtbike. HELP!

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1/8/2019 8:23 AM

I have an old dirtbike from my childhood and I'm needing to sell it. The bottom end(crank, rod, gears, etc) are in working order. A friend of mine from back then mixed it 100:1 and burnt up the rings ans slightly galled the piston. However, parts weren't as easy to source back then and (I still have another storage to look through, but I'm 90% sure the carb, jug, head, and exhaust pipe are losapt. Any advice on what I should do? Sell it? Who would be interested? Keep it? Where can I find parts? Trash it? Any help would be greatly appreciated


1/8/2019 1:48 PM

Obviously this is a personal decision based on how much the bike means to you. In my opinion; if you even had to ask what to do; it must not be *that* special to you. Like with most things moto, it's going to be a money pit. Those old Indians aren't really "highly sought after".... Sure, they have a following, as almost any niche of bikes does... but unless they're showroom perfect, they certainly aren't commanding top dollar

Here's a good resource for you to figure out what you've got and what you'll need

eBay is probably going to be your best friend; for both buying what you need, or selling what you've got

PS: I could never throw vintage parts in the trash. I'd hang them from a tree along some riding trails before I ever threw them out. Then again, I'm weird like that...


1/28/2019 11:21 AM

I found the missing parts! Once I got it degreased and somewhat clean I found it's a 75cc engine(stamped on top the case above sprocket). With that info and what you sent me I've found it's an X80! It's identical to the red one on the pdf you sent, just different head like the white x80. It's not a question of if I want to. Of course I do, but time and $$$ are my obstacles right now. Guess I should've worded it like put it in the shop for a couple more years or sell? Preferably, I'd rather it go to a good home, someone that will restore it and ride the s*** out if it like I did when I was younger. Found memories spanking my buddy's brand new Yamaha Warrior 350cc quad!!! Thanks Moto Obsessed I appreciate it.